But when did you last review your terms?

The insurance market has changed dramatically over the past few months, and your renewal might not be giving you the best terms…

…find out how to improve them by taking our quick troubleshooter below!

About us

Romero Insurance Brokers is an award-winning brokerage, known for providing exceptional customer service.

We’re 23 years young, and in that time we’ve shaken up a traditional industry – working towards our CEO Justin Romero-Trigo’s vision to become the UK’s number one independent insurance broker.

We take a fresh approach to insurance reviews to ensure you get the best cover for the best price. Our approach works like this:

  1. Get to know you to ensure we have a good understanding of your business operations and procedures
  2. Health check your existing policy to ensure we provide a like-for-like quote, making sure you don’t have any gaps or dual insurance
  3. Assess potential risks and identify ways to minimise the risk you’re exposed to
  4. Analyse your claims history to ensure estimates are a true and fair representation
  5. Identify insurers that may not have had a genuine opportunity to quote their best terms in the past
  6. Negotiate the best possible premium on your behalf
  7. Deliver an all-encompassing alternative that will either demonstrate your current broker has the best offering available for you, or we provide a competitive quote highlighting an opportunity to save money and work with a broker that’s more suited to your business


Times have been tough in the wake of COVID-19, but we’ve worked harder than any other broker to defend our clients, get legitimate business interruption claims paid, and lobby the government to fight for support for businesses like yours.

Our friendly, knowledgeable employees are key to you receiving our industry-leading service. Working with our wellbeing partner, We Are Wellbeing, employees have access to a comprehensive range of wellbeing services and we can also extend this offering to our customers. We look after our people so they can look after you. We’d love you to work with us and be part of the Romero Group family.

So if you think you could be better protected or want to find out what we do differently, either talk to Richard Nicholson today, or take our renewal quiz below to see how a confidential review can help you and your business.

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