Kevin Sinfield’s Next Challenge – Running Home For Christmas

Kevin has announced his fifth annual challenge in support of the MND community.

So far, Kevin Sinfield and his challenges have raised nearly £10million to support the MND community. He has now planned out his next challenge, expected to take place in the last month of 2024. Kevin announced the details of his next challenge live on BBC Breakfast this morning (22nd May 2024).

The challenge is called ‘Running Home For Christmas’ and will again see Kevin running in different locations across the country, showing his excellent endurance as well as his dedication to the MND community.

As longtime partners and friend, Club Insure and Romero Insurance will be supporting Kevin every step of the way.

When will Kevin Sinfield’s new challenge, Running Home For Christmas, take place?

The week long challenge will start on 1st December.

Sinfield and the team will cover over 50 km per day, visiting seven regions across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Each day will be broken down into 7 km blocks. The team will aim to complete each 7 km within one hour before the next block, which must start on the hour. This means the only rest the team will get between each leg is the time spare after they have completed a 7 km block.

Where will Kevin Sinfield’s new challenge, Running Home For Christmas, start and end?

Day 1 – Liverpool to Wrexham. Bringing the challenge to Wales after last year’s success

Day 2 – Gloucester to Bristol. Inspired by friends of ruby player Ed Slater and footballer Marcus Stewart

Day 3 – Belfast to Dublin. Paralleling last year’s memorable run.

Day 4 – Stirling to Glasgow. Reliving special memories of the late, great Doddie Weir.Day 5 – Around Hull. The rugby city will guarantee a warm reception.

Day 6 – Northampton to Leicester. From Head Office of MND Association to where the 2021 Extra Mile Challenge started.

Day 7 – Manchester to Leeds. Old Trafford to Saddleworth, back to where the first ever challenge finished back in 2020.

Fundraising for the MND Community

Kevin Sinfield said, “It is a special time of year for our challenges. We always say that people like to see us battling through the elements but for us it is wonderful to arrive in cities with the Christmas lights up and everyone feeling good. The MND community are always in our thoughts but especially at that time of year when families are going through tough times. We want to meet as many of the MND community as we can along the way, whether that is at our stops after each 7km block, or at the Extra Mile events, which were so special last year. We are announcing a bit earlier this year so as many people as possible can get involved either as supporters or sponsors.”

At Romero Insurance, we are deeply looking forward to once again supporting our friend Kevin as we have done for each of the past challenges.

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