The importance of a cyber verification check
The reason for cyber verification checks by insurers and brokers In the most recent cyber security survey, it showed 59% of medium sized businesses were made victim to a cyber attack in the 12 months prior to April 2023. For large businesses and large charities, this rises to 69%. Yet, when it comes to cyber hygiene, and protecting against unsophisticated threats, there has been a consistent decline....
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fire alarm (1)
BT Redcare Security Alarms announces closure
Does your business premises use BT Redcare Security Alarm? Business owners may soon need to be on the look out for a new security alarm provider after the surprising closure of Redcare by BT. The closure of BT Redcare is set for August 1st 2025. Redcare recently announced they have ceased new orders, and the security department at BT will close. This change is set to effect over 100,000 customers...
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fleet car wait times (1)
What's causing the long wait times on motor fleet repairs?
Car parts shortages and courtesy car unavailability are leaving drivers in limbo in 2024 By far the most common questions being put to our Claims department by clients corresponds to issues regarding motor fleets and vehicles. There is a two year backlog on motor claims and motor repairs. The ‘busy period’ seems to be never ending; global demand persists while the importation of manufactured...
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How to manage asbestos at your business
What Asbestos Regulations should businesses be aware of? It is now over 20 years since a law was introduced requiring duty holders to survey, identify and manage asbestos within their premises. However business owners still need ensure they know and understand their legal duties surrounding asbestos in the workplace. Who is at risk of Asbestos Poisoning? Asbestos was used in particularly high...
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justin romero-trigo
Romero Expert Insights Series: Goals
Twelfth, and final, in our Insights Series is Justin Romero-Trigo. Justin is the CEO of Romero Insurance Brokers and NDML. He founded the business in 1997 and has led the company to three independent broker of the year awards.
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Your Business’s HR Health Check
The importance of a great HR department A business is only as strong as it’s people. They’re at the heart of what you do, and without them your business couldn’t function the way it does. And at the heart of a successful team, is a robust Human Resources strategy. Take the HR Health Check HR can be complex, particularly as your employee numbers grow. With a plethora of legislation,...
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How to Perform a Business Health Check
Why New Year is the Best Time for a Business Health Check With the new year upon us, many people are making resolutions, joining gyms, adjusting their diet and reducing their alcohol consumption. New Year is a great time to take stock and look at positive changes you can make for the future. But it’s not just our personal lives we should look at with a fresh pair of eyes. When you’re focussed...
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lorry hgvs
Stay Safe Around Lorries and HGVs
Reduce HGV claims by informing your drivers about Limited Visibility Zones There has been a rise in HGV incidents, sparking conversation around the lay-driver’s knowledge of HGV visibility. At Romero Insurance Brokers, a large amount of the fleet and vehicle claims we process involve HGV – whether that be a client fleet including HGVs or collisions with a HGV. We want all our clients to know the...
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snip simon
The Romero Expert Insight Series
Leadership, Management and Growth over 12 Months As part of our 2023 insights initiative at Romero Insurance Brokers, we highlighted team leaders across the Romero Group. Over 12 months, The Romero Group showcased 12 important figures, each from different departments and different disciplines. We asked our experts about their roles and responsibilities within the company, including their attitude...
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oliver calvert and harry
Romero Expert Insights Series: Branding
Eleventh in our Insights Series is Oliver Calvert. Ollie heads up our Brand and Marketing team, charged with managing the website, running our social channels, creating physical and digital collateral, and growing the Romero brand.
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art insurance (1)
Is your art collection underinsured?
Here’s what high net worth clients need to know about the risks of underinsured art collections Ecclesiastical performed a survey of 250 high net worth individuals in the UK, all of whom invest in art and own their own art collection. Answers from this survey have revealed that art collectors and private clients are conscious of the various financial risks posed when insuring and owning artwork. 62%...
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Our New Look
Introducing the Romero Insurance website Relaunch We’ve got a new look! Take a while to look around and read the pages which relate to you. The makeover is site wide, featuring faces of our team members and businesses we partner with. Many of our favourite new pages include: Our solutions – Corporate Insurance Our solutions – Commercial Insurance Our services – Buildings and Contents...
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nicola murphy
Romero Expert Insights Series: Positivity
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Kevin Sinfield’s Next Challenge
The 7 in 7 in 7 Running to raise awareness and funds to support those impacted by motor neurone disease
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Can you flood proof your business?
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The Launch of the Insurance Influencer
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Romero Expert Insights Series: Security
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Get Ready for HSE Metalworking Inspections
Metalworking businesses need to be aware of the potential for visits from the HSE to oversee their fluid and coolant usage. Operators and managers should crack down on the performance and safety procedures involving metalworking fluids. The HSE will carry out unannounced inspections at each premises using these specialist machines between now and March 2024.
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Understanding Track Safety for Motorsport Businesses
The HSE has recently published findings on the competence of motorsport business owners and event organisers when putting on racetrack events. Their investigation, in conjunction with Fife council, noted a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding track safety. Therefore, they have published the following safety notice as well as action required. This article contains public sector information...
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How is Climate Change Contributing to the Insurance Gap in Flood Protection?
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